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14 Feb 2020 "I dwell in the darkness and darkness is where I belong" - The worst villian in TV History.More Black Jack in Jamie Fraser | Scars 

Jonathan Randall, commonly known as "Black Jack", was a minor knight in England during the time of the Jacobite Rising of 1745. He played a part in quashing the rebellion, and was heavily financially supported by the Duke of Sandringham. In 1746, Randall married Mary Hawkins, who bore him a son, Denys. Frank Randall, a historian and husband to Claire Beauchamp Randall in the 20th century The way Outlander dealt with Jamie Fraser’s repeated rape and brutalization at the hands of Black Jack Randall was a turning point in the portrayal of the emotional aftermath of sexual violence on The most-talked about scene from season 1 was when English captain Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall (Tobias Menzies) sodomized and tortured Jamie (Sam Heughan) in a prison cell. Outlander (1991) Season 1 ("Sassenach") Tobias Menzies: Jonathan Wolverton Randall (a.k.a. Black Jack Randall) Frank Randall's ancestor, a British army officer. According to Jamie Fraser the "Black" refers to the color of his soul. He bears a strong resemblance to Frank Randall. Outlander (1991) Season 1 ("Sassenach") Tobias Menzies: Murtagh Fraser

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16 May 2015 In the penultimate episode of Outlander's freshman season, darkness overtook all. After being captured by the British and sentenced to hang  3 Dec 2017 At the end of season one, Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) raped Jamie in prison. While rape has been an almost regular threat hanging  10 Sep 2017 Outlander Season 3 shows Jamie's final battle with Black Jack Randall at Culloden and Claire and Frank's awkward attempts to make a life  30 May 2015 Did you have any temptation to keep Jamie and Black Jack off-screen for most of episode 115 to build that tension, or did you always plan for it 

When Jack Randall is torturing Jamie, he becomes delusional and begins to beat Jamie, saying: 'Tell me you love me, Alex. I know that you love me!' Now, my question is, is he referring to Alex MacGregor, the young scot that hanged himself in prison shortly before Jamie was lashed the first time by Jack Randall, or is he referring to Alexander

(Redirected from Black Jack Randall) The following is a list of characters from Diana Gabaldon 's Outlander series, beginning with the 1991 novel Outlander. The story focuses on 20th century nurse Claire Randall, who time travels to 18th-century Scotland and finds adventure and romance with the dashing Jamie Fraser. Dec 11, 2015 Sep 10, 2017 Oct 30, 2020 Aug 12, 2020 Aug 16, 2014 The way Outlander dealt with Jamie Fraser’s repeated rape and brutalization at the hands of Black Jack Randall was a turning point in the portrayal of the …

26 Aug 2020 3 Sexually Assaulting Jamie. The Season One finale was one of the most brutal and 

Apr 14, 2017 · Ed Miller/Starz Outlander ’s first season finale went where few TV shows ever go, with the sadistic Captain Jack Randall, a.k.a. Black Jack, torturing heroic Highlander Jamie Fraser to the point of Sep 11, 2017 · And the most heart-stopping moment of Black Jack Randall’s demise? New Outlander Photos Slyly Tease Claire and Jamie’s Emotional Reunion. By Joanna Robinso n. 50 Shades of Plaid .